My Approach:

I listen, hear and then offer solutions.
Let's Get To Work

I love anything about food...especially eating it.


But I’m also passionate about understanding it and talking about it. 


Most of all, I like sharing what I know with my clients and customers so I can tell your story. I want to help your business succeed and do the work you don’t have time to do.


I want to share my perspective and knowledge with you. And I can see things you can’t, because you’re just too close to it.

I start by understanding the problem you're trying to solve, and how your product fits into the food industry and current trends. At the same time, I’m learning more about your company and what’s important to you.

Then we craft the recipe I’ll use to solve that problem. Like any good recipe, it’s full of measurement and directions that keep us on goal and on budget. The common ingredients in my recipes are based on relationships: communication, collaboration and respect.

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